The Price of Happiness?

Personally, I feel that people are definitely willing to spend more on something simply because of a specific brand name. In today's society, consumption has become a marker of one's identity. Perhaps there is a mindset that the more expensive is the item that one consumes, it will help to reflect a certain degree of prestige and will also enable one to gain social status among his/her peers. However, I feel that it has led people to prioritize consumption, at the expense of the more important things in life. Nowadays, more and more people are willing to work extra jobs and even work overtime, simply to satisfy their desire for material goods. Some have even amassed huge debts simply in the race for material goods. I am not deemphasizing work and I am not saying that everyone should start being lazy. Work definitely is important and everyone should work hard to provide a better life for themselves and their families. However, the only problem is when money becomes an obsession and everything else in life, such as family, is forsaken. Money is important for survival, but it is not the most important thing in life. It is time we realize that and start focusing on the more important things in life such as spending time with family, as well as helping the less fortunate in society. I feel that the clip below clearly highlights the dilemma that reflects the materialistic world that we live in today, especially at 6:10, whereby the speaker states that we are on a ““work, watch, and spend treadmill”, proving that we are in a never-ending cycle. We are hoping that material consumption will bring us happiness, without realizing the hypocrisy of it all.