Required Readings 2011

The Main Text for the Course (available in the NUS COOP Bookstore):

Lee, Richard B. (2003) The Dobe Ju'/hoansi (Third Edition).
Adams, Kathleen M. and Gillogly, Kathleen A. (2011) Everyday Life in Southeast Asia (First Edition).

Readings from the Course Packet (available from the NUS Forum Coop Bookstore or IVLE e-reserves):

Ma Huan [1433] The Overall Survey of the Ocean’s Shores. pp.108-121.
Wells, Spencer (2002) The Importance of Culture. pp.146-183.
Cronk, Lee (1999) Righting Culture. pp.1-15
Stone, Linda (2000) Kinship and Gender. pp.1-20.
Gillis, John R. (1996) A World of Their Own. pp.61-80.
Weatherford, Jack (1997) The World Market pp.1-12.
Bestor, Theodore (1999) Wholesale Shushi pp.201-242
Thompson, Eric C. (2006) The Problem of “Race as a Social Construct”. pp.6-7
Wilmsen, Edwin N. (1997) Land Filled with Flies: The Evolution of Illusion. pp.246-268.
Abu-Lughod, Lila (1987) The Poetry of Personal Life. pp. 171-185.
Thompson, Eric C. (2002) Rocking East and West: The USA in Malaysian Music. pp.58-79.
Ghosh, Amitav (1986) The Imam and the Indian. pp.47-55.
*********, Shinji, et al. (2004) Asian Anthropologies: Foreign, Native and Indigenous. pp.1-34.
Thompson, Eric C. (2008) A World of Anthropologies (Review Essay). pp.121-127