Required Readings 2012

The Main Texts for the Course (available in the NUS COOP Bookstore):

Lee, Richard B. (2012) The Dobe Ju'/hoansi (Fourth Edition).
Adams, Kathleen and Kathleen Gillogly (2011) Everyday Life in Southeast Asia.

Additional Required Readings are available from the IVLE e-reserves or workbin:

Thompson, Eric C. (2012) Southeast Asia: Populating Land and Seas.
Thompson, Eric C. (2012) Review of Everyday Life in Southeast Asia, Adams & Gillogly, eds.
Cronk, Lee (1999) Righting Culture. pp.1-15.
Stone, Linda (2000) Kinship and Gender. pp.1-20.
Weatherford, Jack (1997) The World Market. pp.1-12.
Bestor, Theodore (1999) Wholesale Sushi pp.201-242.
Thompson, Eric C. (2008) A World of Anthropologies (Review Essay). pp.121-127.