Mixed Races in Singapore

Mixed Races in Singapore
Contrary to the negative and derogatory discrimination faced by the individuals in the documentary, I feel that the mixed races in Singapore, especially those involving Caucasian or European heritage, face a very different social scenario. Most of these individuals generally face positive discrimination, if discriminated against at all.

The 4 categories in Singapore, CMIO, are so strongly reinforced that anyone who deviates from the norm are considered exotic, special and unique, instead of ‘neither here nor there’, as what was outlined in the video. In fact, I believe that a comment along the lines of “you look mixed” is interpreted as a compliment. That being said, there is still a portion of the population, mainly elders who still hold on to traditional beliefs, who frown upon such mixed marriages and their offspring. Nevertheless, this extends to only one’s own kinship ties, instead of general contempt towards mixed individuals in the society. Also, due to the majority presence of only 4 ethnic groups, these mixed individuals usually identify themselves ethnically with a particular group, hence allowing society to categorize them much more easily and understand how to relate to them in social contexts. Instead of categorizing people according to their race, we have a much higher tendency to categorize people with regards to their ethnicity and cultural behaviour. I feel that this is especially so as the 4 distinct categories all have their own exclusive and pronounced cultural characteristics, such as food, dress, language, etc. Hence, the way in which we relate to them socially is not an issue, compared to the difficulties others face when interacting with those interviewed in the video.

The positive discrimination of individuals with Caucasian or European heritage also alludes to the Eurocentric values that Singaporeans still adopt – a certain reverence and elevated social status conferred to anything related to do with Western society or culture. In fact, although conservative elders prefer marriages to occur within their own racial category, they consider a Caucasian or European spouse is usually more acceptable than a spouse from any other racial category in Singapore.

Mixed Race Marriages/Friendships?
Though these videos are not really from Singapore (they're from Malaysia), it gives a good contrast to the racially-tinted (or racially conscious) worldview that is prevalent in many societies. These beliefs usually exclude individuals from certain races as eligible spouses, kinship, significant friendships, etc.

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