Lectures 2012

This is the top page for 2012 lecture notes.
The lectures are listed in the menu to the left.
The basic layout of the lecture notes will be based on Powerpoint Slides used in lecture.
Course participants are encouraged to add and edit notes collectively.

Lecture slides will be posted to the page shortly before or after each lecture.

Lecture 1: Origins of the Anthropological Perspective
Lecture 2: Human Diversity is Not in Our Genes
Lecture 3: Culture, Cultures and the Human Condition
Lecture 4: Culture and Everyday Life
Lecture 5: Families and Kinship
Lecture 6: Gender and Sexuality
Lecture 7: Economics and Exchange
Lecture 8: Culture and Commodification
Lecture 9: Ethnicity, Nation & Other Imagined Communities
Lecture 10: Modernity and Change
Lecture 11: Poststructuralism and Discourse
Lecture 12: Anthropology Today