This is the top page for summaries and commentary on the films in Anthropology and the Human Condition.

Required Films (2012)

Supplementary Films (2012)

Required Films should be viewed by all participants BEFORE each discussion group session. See the syllabus for details.

Supplementary Films are all other films. Course participants are encouraged to add to the supplementary film list by adding pages with summaries and commentaries on any films you find interesting, valuable and related to the course content.

Format for Summaries and Commentaries:

Course participants are encouraged to add and edit summaries and commentary collectively.

Summaries should be written on the main page for each reading. They should summarized the main points of each reading, especially as they relate to the content and themes of the course. Summaries should be collectively edited and revised. A summary should be about 500 words. Ten thousand words written about an 8,000 word reading is not a summary!!

Commentaries should be added as additional pages under each reading. There can be as many commentaries on the readings as you - the course participants - want to add.

For each commentary, create a page and give it a unique title. When you create the page, make sure you are looking at the main page for the reading you wish to comment on. Click "Add a New Page" (in the left side menu).

Create a link from the main page of the reading to your commentary. Use the title of your commentary as the wording for the link. Titles should short and give some idea of the content of the commentary.