Favorites (2012)

Thank you all for contributing diverse, interesting wiki entries this year.
Liu Xi and I have picked out a few of our favorites; there are many other good pages, these are just a few of the highlights:

It was perhaps inevitable that we would get some reference to the Psy phenomenon this year! Here is a good essay – and hilarious video – on Singapore Style.

And on the theme of dance styles, bboyacid gave us a great cultural analysis of Bboying and Breakdancing.

A page on the Process of Othering by lilsebastian does a good job in summarizing this issue that comes up in various ways in the course.

Obligation as a part of social exchange and ties are dealt with thoughtfully in this page on Debt.

Ameliajean contributed this thoughtful essay on Fluidity of Gender and Sexuality in Southeast Asia, with a couple of good video clips embedded.

Another intriguing page on gender, by Carbonfoodprint, looked at the relationship of Meat and Masculinity.

And finally, NealCafferty’s essay on Cultural Rituals provides a wide ranging view of how we think about culture and ritual activity.

Enjoy reading these and others as we close out the semester….

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