Favorites (2010)

Thank You! To all the participants in SC2218 (2010).
You've done a great job with the wiki.

This page is devoted to some of our favorites (Eric and Dina, the course instructors).
There are many other good things on the Wiki, but here are some of the best:

In the course, we learned a lot about !Kung San ways of life in the Kalahari.
In the summary page for Chapter 12 The Ju/'hoansi Today (text by owlnights), Slothyfreak posted two videos (20min and 10min) about challenges !Kung San are facing to day, especially STRUGGLES OVER RESETTLEMENT.
In watching this, consider that the motivations of the Botswana government are very similar to those of the Singapore government, when it sought to modernize and successfully relocated the population from kampungs to HDB.

Excellent essays about issues of RACE were contributed by Kathie in response to the film "None of the Above" and by BJChaimongkul in response to the film "On Cannibalism". Thank you both not only for insightful commentary but also illustrating through personal experience.

On GENDER, pages on PERFORMING MASCULINITY (with embedded videos) by spunkgal and the video THE TRANSGENDER TABOO posted by delphinus_melody are especially good.

A couple of great videos were posted about CONSUMPTION by fiza27 and the idea of the COMMODITY FETISH by delphinus_melody. They are both under 10 minutes and well worth watching.

Inspiration950 also contributed a page about commodification - but in this case, specifically about COMMODIFICATION OF ABORIGINAL CULTURE IN TAIWAN, also with a good video embedded.

Doodleedoo posted a very good summary of EDWARD SAID'S IDEA OF "ORIENTALISM".
This is an idea mentioned in lectures, but developed in more detail in this page.
Doodleedoo also included clips of a video about Said and his ideas.
Said's work, among others, was very influential as one of the spurs to the 1980s "Crisis of Representation".

Flitter also has a thoughtful, critical commentary about this Crisis of Representation in Anthropology.
The arguments flitter outlines are exactly those aimed at "colonial" anthropology.
If you read this, also read the response by Spunkgal as well.

Another excellent example using the wiki to DISCUSS AND DEBATE ISSUES OF GENDER, posted by russian_red.
That page exemplifies the strong, yet still thoughtful and respectful debates we enjoyed reading thoughout the discussion forums on the wiki.

Among the many fine WORLD CULTURES PROJECTS, some of the best were about:

There are many other pages and discussions that could be added to this page.
If you want to add other content that you think is particularly interesting, fun or otherwise valuable, please edit this page and provide a link to the content on the wiki.

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