Discussion Group Preparation


Participants in the course are required to attend and come prepared for discussion group (tutorial) sessions.

Instructions for preparation will be posted to this page.
These will be updated from time-to-time.
Participants should check this page at least a day or two before their session.
Preparation for the discussion sessions is part of your participation.
Lack of preparation will count against you in assessing your tutorial participation.

Session 1: Origins of the Anthropology, Human Diversity, Concept of Culture (Wk 1-4 Material)
Introductory session.
Prepare: to discuss materials from Week 1-4 (See Syllabus).

Session 2: Kinship (esp. Ju/hoansi kinship and marriage), Gender, Sexuality (Wk 5-6 Material)
Discussion of Kinship, Gender, Sexuality.
Prepare: to discuss materials from Week 5-6.

Session 3: Economics & Exchange (Wk 7-8 Material)
Discussion of Economics and Exchange.
Prepare: to discuss materials from Week 7-8.

Session 4: Ethnicity, Nations, Imagined Communities; Modernity and Change (Wk 9-10 Material)
Discussion of Ethnic Groups, Nations and Other Imagined Communities; Modernity and Change.
Prepare: to discuss materials from Week 9-10.

Session 5: Anthropology in the 21st Century (Wk 11-12 Material)
Discussion of Issues of Poststructuralism, Discourse, and Anthropology in the 21st Century.
Course material review exercise (Kula Ring Q&A).
Prepare: to discuss materials from Wk 11-12 and review all material from the course.
Prepare: write an exam question, based on any of the material from the course. Bring the question with you.
(You only need to write down and bring the question not the answer!)

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