D4 Group 1 (2011)

Marriage Practices and their Social Functions

The Bedouins,
The Dobe Ju/'hoansi
& Our personal cultures

Group Members: Amirah, Anupama, Cindy, Eliarani and Yi Ting

Before you start reading the following Wiki pages, we would love for you to know a little about who wrote them!

Amirah (profoundenigma): Hey there, I am Amirah, a Year 2 Sociology major. What really drew me towards SC2218 this semester is the fact that we’re being taught to look beyond superficial aspects of various cultures, and really get to the heart of their practices and beliefs.

Anupama (modernfamilyfan): Hi, I am Anupama, a Year 2 Sociology major. I took SC2218 because I have always had some (or a lot of!) opinions on subjects like gender, kinship and race. Studying these topics from an anthropological perspective was a dream come true. An added bonus? This module did not have the dreaded 8 am – 10 am timeslot this semester!

Cindy (imadeedee): Hello, I am Cindy, a Year 2 Sociology major. I chose to take SC2218 this semester because I have always been very fascinated by people...by what they do in everyday life, as well as the deeper beliefs that underlie how they live!

Eliarani (tirelesstraveller): Hi, I am Eliarani, a Year 3 Social Work major. I decided to take SC2218 as I was keen to learn more about the various cultures around the world. This module has lived up to my expectations, as it has broadened my perspective on various aspects of life.

Yi Ting (cookiemonster_): Hello, I am Yi Ting, a Year 3 Sociology major. I decided to take SC2218 because I have always wondered what the field of anthropology is all about. I am glad that I took it – I have chosen the perfect class as my last level-2000 Sociology module!