Connecting The Threads...

An in-depth 'compare and contrast' of marriage practices amongst the Bedouins, Dobe Ju/’hoansi and our own cultures

It is futile to study cultures in isolation; we must compare and contrast them along different dimensions. We intend to compare the Bedouins to the Dobe Ju/’hoansi in terms of marriage, and compare these cultures in turn, to our own. We must, however, make two comments before we embark on this journey of comparison.

  • We must be careful not to sensationalize the ‘traditional’ vs. ‘modern’ dichotomy, by making statements like ‘The Bedouins do this because they are a traditional culture, and we do it differently because we are modern’.
  • Since the title of our project is ‘Marriage and its social functions’, we aim to connect every point of comparison and contrast to the broader social, economic and cultural factors within each culture.