Assessment of Wiki Assignment

Last Updated: 16 August 2012

The following are the general criteria we will be using to assess your Wiki participation:
Note that as of this version, these criteria are still subject to some refinement.
Please comment (post a thread) if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about the assignment and these criteria.

1. Were contributions made in a timely fashion?

*SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 is the due date for the first half of the course. You may submit a contribution for assessment and feedback on or before this date. Make the submission to the IVLE Workbin > Preliminary Wiki Submissions. After which we will send you feedback on your contribution.

*NOVEMBER 1, 2012 is the final due date for all Wiki contributions. IVLE Workbin > Final Wiki Submissions. We will be assessing your contributions based on the work you do on the Wiki on or before that date.

2. Quality: Did the contributes aid the overall development of the Wiki?

This is the most important thing. All positive contributions will be taken into consideration: adding text to pages, good discussion, formatting and editing pages, adding links, adding external content (e.g. widgets, photos), etc. We are especially looking for originality, creativity and 'value added' to the course.

3. Quantity: How much of a contribution was made?

Not as important as quality, but we expect more than just a short discussion comment here and there. You are expected to make at least two substantial contribtutions - of about 500 words contributed to a page, or the equivalent. In the end, quantity will be determined to some extent by you and your peers. As long as you are contributing somewhere in the range of what most others are contributing, you will be fine. We will only count you down for "quantity" if it is very substantially below average. Otherwise, our focus will be on quality.

4. Cooperation: Did you engage cooperatively, politely, and constructively with others?

We will be assuming that you are doing this. But you will be marked down for negative interactions (e.g. flaming - rude comments in discussion threads; vandalism - trashing other people's work; etc.). It is fine to debate other people or argue over the best content for a page, but be polite!

5. Midterm Assessment

If you submit a contribution on or before September 20, you will receive a midterm assessment of your Wiki contributions. The assessment will include an assessment and comments on your individual contributions. These comments do not directly correspond to a letter grade, but we will indicate if your contributions are:

Very Good
Good (better than passing)
Adequate (passing)
Need Improvement (less than adequate)
Inadequate (if you have not contributed)

This will give you a sense of how you are doing in terms of what we are expecting and adjust accordingly in the second half of the semester (step things up; keep steady; or even dial it back, if you've contributed a lot and other modules' work is weighing down on you... but this of course is up to you).

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